Is Age Just a Number?

Thanks to rapidly improving technology you can do many things and live longer. You study longer and build a career or you take time to find a partner and settle down - regardless of the reason, you may find yourself 40 or older and hoping to start having children. And you’re wondering, is it too late? Is age just a number when it comes to getting pregnant?

The answer is NO, it isn't. This is a sensitive area. And our stance is to provide you with information to aid your decision. First, each person is unique and has a unique case. Find a Doctor that reviews your specific case and recommends a plan specific to you. Avoid places that provide a general plan that isn’t unique to you or places where you may feel like you’re just a number.

There are various solutions for those who struggle to conceive. We are going to focus on IVF with donor eggs which give you the highest chances when you are over 40. Unfortunately, the quality of your own oocytes (or eggs) is directly linked to your age. While you were still a developing fetus in your mother's womb, you received all the reproductive eggs you will ever have. As you age, so do they. And like our own bodies, the quality of our eggs lessens over time.

I have worked with ladies with such situation, after years of trying naturally to get pregnant, they obviously want to try IVF using their own eggs. Before making this decision, I encourage you to find information and then make your best decision. You can start with general data about the topic and continue by checking into your individual situation. You will want to consider not only your health condition to conceive and carry a baby, which can be checked by certain exams, but also consider your financial situation.

It has been our experience that in Europe, the Doctors tend to recommend women 40 and older to use donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. The Doctor will always need to inform you fully about your condition and the likelihood of conception, even though you don’t like to hear your limits based on your age (who does, right?). This kind of treatment offers the best possibility to ladies with low-quality eggs to become a mother. The statistics behind this recommendation are clear, stating that cases of women conceiving in their early forties are rare cases. Sure, there are women who became mothers with their own eggs after their forties, but many times after exhausting their resources on many rounds of IVF and finally finding at least 1 egg that is genetically normal (euploid) and implantation worked. However, the statistics say there is a 20% chance or less that it will be your case.

Please take it as information which should help you make a decision so you don’t lose precious time. Remember that every year matters, especially in the fertility world. And when you are 40 or older, then there is not as much time if your goal is to nurture a baby and have a healthy pregnancy. It might sound like a scare tactic or even controversial, but we are rooting for you and your success.

There are couples who make the decision up front to try IVF with their own eggs first and if it doesn’t work then move to the IVF with donor’s eggs. And it’s normal to consider, but everyone should make the decision that is best for them.

Maybe your situation is not ideal and, unfortunately, you’ve already failed your IVF cycle - or maybe you’ve failed a couple of times. Or maybe you can’t afford multiple cycles because of the time, energy, or money. Just think about your goal - is it to reproduce regardless of the cost on your health, relationships, and finances or is your goal to nurture? Our wish for you is to make the right decision for you to be happy. And if you want our help, simply contact us here

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